The Latest Site Projects

I haven’t posted here in a while, been busy with a bunch of sites.

The main project has been the new website for the Spanish radio show that Maria ( will be doing called Diva Satanica, the new site is online now, but still prone to some changes and more content will be added slowly but surely. You can check it out here:

Another of the newest online is Kelly Shaefer’s Site a total revamp with Joomla as the backend. Hopefully he gets plenty of use out of it! I’m also working on a site for his Starrfactory Records. Hopefully it will also go live soon.

I’ve also been working on, converting a pretty much static site into a CMS driven site with a shop, forum, gallery, and much more. It’s getting there slowly, but some components aren’t quite co-operating the way I’d like them to.

I have a few other projects, once we get them up and running I’ll post some more links.