Busy Busy Busy

Well as usual I’m doing too many things at once… quite a few projects on the go, none finished lol…

of note:

  • To help make the choice between Drupal and Joomla more difficult, I discovered http://www.roopletheme.com
    Their themes for Drupal have way more configuration, mainly the regions like Joomla… I’ve been working on some variations of litejazz which once I get a little more polished perhaps I’ll release as an addon pack or something… time will tell… in any case head over to the forums there and check out the support!
  • phpBB 3 is closer than ever to complete, and there’s a great “black” theme project over here http://www.olympus-mods.divinereapers.org I’ll
    definitely use that as a base for the updated sexto9 forum when they release the final phpBB 3.0 (currently rc4!)

And, if all that weren’t enough, I’m getting ready for Bloodstock Open Air (http://www.bloodstock.uk.com), I’ll definitely take a pile of photos and we’ll be over in the UK for about a week in total.