Time flies when you’re having fun!

Well, just got back from a few days in Barcelona, (the weather was fantastic!) trying to catch up on what I missed… I’ve been told that one of the projects I’ve been working on for a while is finally just about to be launched to the public! (replacing the older outdated website) As soon as it is definitely live I’ll be adding a pic to my portfolio and the link!

Before the Christmas holidays phpBB 3 finally went gold! I upgraded with virtually no effort from the 2.x that the Sexto9 Forum was running, and had to find a decent theme to go with the new backend… I settled on NWO_Orange which you can find here: http://demo.phpbb3styles.net/NWO_Orange of course I had to add some of my own flavoring and graphics which you can see on the forums: http://forum.sexto9.com

It seems Roople has been busy and is nearly about to launch another new template for Drupal, you can see a preview on the homepage (http://www.roopletheme.com) I’ve been working occasionally on a variant for the last release of Bealestreet in my dev area… Nearly got it the way I want, might even use it here! Time will tell.

More soon!