It never ends…

Well I’ve been rather busy… too busy to really sit down and write anything here! Lets see, there’s been a steady stream of my regular updates to do for clients. I worked on a massive overhaul of the website helping them with a webshop to serve customers directly. I also took up maintaining/updating a local language school here in Pamplona.

Built a website up for a dutch fertility group: – sorry, it’s now all in dutch, and a large percentage of the project is hidden away from the public.

Also trying to help out a bit over at and some new design tweaks and maybe even backend upgrades are in process.

I’ve been trying to work on a new design for as it looks thoroughly neglected at this point… Also new design for and setup a website for

There’s also the matter of the new FM radio show Maria & I collaborate with here in Pamplona called “Esto no es un Programa de Metal” for which I’m trying to help with the myspace page, logos, etc. [ Myspace ]

Also have upgraded my desktop PC to a Quad Core Intel, and it’s running Ubuntu 9.04 now… and just recently got a new laptop (at long last!) so I can work away from home as well. It came loaded with Vista, as did my new desktop. Can’t say I’m very fond of Vista at all… Have setup the Win7 beta in virtualbox to test it out, and it does seem a bit less annoying than Vista…

Hopefully I can find some time soon to update my portfolio with some of the projects I’ve been working on these past 6 months!