UT2003 on Ubuntu 9.04

Decided I needed a decent FPS on my machine, and since I had a copy of UT2003 laying around, thought I’d try to install it in Ubuntu.

This is the process that seemed to work for me:

Insert disk3, copy “linux_installer.sh” to my home dir, open a terminal in the home dir, and run:

sudo _POSIX2_VERSION=199209 linux32 sh ./linux_installer.sh

follow the gui installer 🙂

If you run the installer off Disk3 directly you can’t eject the disk when prompted… The install for me went in this order: Disk3, Disk1, Disk2 HOWEVER the installer starts from the last disk(disk3/3), then asks for the play disk(disk1/3), then disk1 (disk2/3), then disk2 (disk3/3) if that makes any sense…

Once all that was finished a window popped up asking for my cdkey twice, which errored no matter how I entered it. so I Ctrl-C closed it, and manually added a cdkey in my home dir ~/ut2003/system/cdkey in the exact cdkey format (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)

still no luck getting it to work… some reference materials: