LG NAS N2A2DD2 Upgrade…

So quite some time ago I acquired one of these NAS devices with hopes of being able to power down my main machine and still download torrents and have some sort of central media storage for our TV shows and music etc. I recently discovered that there’s a new GUI firmware available after ignoring it for a long time.

Many hours were wasted trying to upgrade it on windows 7 machines turning off firewalls and antivirus programs, plugging in directly, restoring the unit to default via the web interface… and eventually the only successful way to upgrade was to plug the NAS into a WinXP machine direct, not via a router/switch/hub and set the IP address of the PC to, then start the upgrade routine to migrate from old to new GUI. Once it FINALLY made it through the upgrade, I installed the latest version of the new GUI firmware I could find (ver.9595!) vs the old to new GUI version which was ver.6674… and the ver.3643 I had before!

Anyways, maybe I can finally configure this damn thing at last!