Migration to WordPress

After years of this site sitting idle and acting more as a testing ground for Drupal modules I had originally planned to migrate it to Grav. I recently migrated another of my sites from an older Joomla install and found it easier to work with. When I did some test WordPress installs a couple years ago I found it to be still very much Blogger orientated software rather than something I’d feel comfortable running a website with. Fast forward a couple years and there are heaps of plugins available that make WordPress truly a wonderful experience. Given that I’ve worked with a large number of CMSes over the years it didn’t take long to knock things into shape, although I am still learning of course. Some things don’t quite work the way I’m used to but I am quickly finding heaps of resources that help out. I am quickly beginning to understand why WordPress now has such a large chunk of the market! I still have quite a bit of tweaking left but it’s a far cry from how broken the old site was after so many core upgrades… not to mention finding the right suite of plugins to make it the best it can be.