Website Portfolio

This page will constantly be under construction as I add new sites and projects as they are completed. (just click a thumbnail to see a larger version)

EDC Source
I worked along with the owner on the setup and deploment of this specialized auction website for EDC (Every Day Carry) aficionados who have recently felt alienated by the big auction sites lately due to policy changes. I modified the theme to suit, and came up with a suitable logo for the project. Besides setting up the core auction software, several customizations and modifications had to be integrated and brought the site to a different level. Be sure to visit, and signup, and bid on some interesting things!

Revamped the default theme to make it a bit more tool friendly, lots of new features and modifications on the core forum software. Great friendly and helpful place on the internet to talk tools and just about anything else…


Elcon Models
Yet another large project I worked on in conjunction with Primerelay for Elcon Models who build custom high performance parts for large scale RC cars, they have even just launched their own car!: (also .nl .eu .net and a few others…) This site has had the backend upgraded in 2009 and a new webshop has been implemented into the design along with piles of new features!


Biltrivsel AB
This was a large project I worked on in conjunction with Primerelay for Swedish automobile parts distributor Biltrivsel, who required a huge interaction between their inventory/accounting system and a website based ordering system for clients: | |


King of Hits
A portal of the old website data into a new CMS based version with an embedded forum, gallery, and a large customized searchable record of the week database:


ROTY – Record of the Year
(King of Hits) Record of the Year 2006 – You Do Videos website to accumulate votes on Record of the Year entries as well as various user created music videos for the entries:
(updated from to!)


Sex to 9 with Maria (Radio Show Website)
One of the websites I've been working on longest is this one for my wife's radio show, It has a lot of content, and required that I set it up for her to be able to add updates to it with ease. It's gone through several evolutions, and is soon to get a complete overhaul to bring it in sync with it's Spanish cousin site Diva Satanica… have a look at it here:


Diva Satanica (Radio Show Website)
The aforementioned Spanish cousin site of Sex to 9 with Maria… Basically it's built up with the same type of sections, in Spanish, and again, easy for Maria to update herself. I built this on a newer, much more powerful CMS than currently in use for Sex to 9. You can check it out here:


Enter Chaos V2 (Official Band Website)

This started out a long time ago as me helping a band with some updates on their website, a year later as they were about to release their second album I redid the website to match the artwork (by Niklas Sundin of Cabin Fever Media ) I also added a ton of new features, and the website evolved into what it is now, you can check it out at:
Another small project I worked on for Primerelay to replace another client website with something a little more modern including an integrated gallery and Forum: [no longer online]
A Dutch darts club website which I recently added some new [minor] features to:



Atheist (Official Band Website) [no longer online]
Over the years I've always been a fan of the Florida death/jazz metal band Atheist, so when I got in contact with Kelly Shaefer (the Vocalist/Guitarist) I ended up giving him a hand with the new Official website, which you can find here:



updated in 2008:
[no longer online]

After several years of maintaining the website for the band, and a couple years of hosting it on my own server, the band have decided to revamp and had someone else build them a new website for the launch of the new studio album. As of October 2010 the old website is deleted, and the old url points to the new website.

ICT Center (Website) [no longer online]
Some time ago I worked in conjunction with Carel Bitter of Primerelay on embedding one of his design concepts into a CMS for the Dutch ICT Center website, which is available here:

Seems they updated the site to a new setup… [no longer online]

A small project I worked on for Primerelay to replace a client website that was compromised with something more up to date, including an integrated gallery:


Kelly Shaefer (Official Website) [no longer online]
Also while working on the Atheist website, I gave Kelly a hand by setting him up with a CMS and creating a customized theme… you can check it here:


Enter Chaos MySpace [no longer online]
Recently Enter Chaos at long last created a MySpace page (apparently all bands must join myspace…) so I created a custom theme to match the artwork for the yet to be released third album… Check it out here:



hopefully, there will be more info here soon, check back later!