Nature Valley Cereal Bars (Barritas De Cereal)

Well, this one also threw me a bit, for quite a few months I’ve been enjoying all the different varieties of these granola bars that are made by General Mills here in Spain (and all over the world apparently). They even have a website for the Spanish version of the product!

I used to find them in either Carrefour or El Corte Ingles supermarkets, both of which are rather large, and carry a wide variety of products from all over the place aside from typical local products. They used to come as a box of 6 packages, with 2 wafers in each package (they’re thin like cookies). Then a while back, the ones in Corte Ingles changed to a box with 6 SINGLE wafers… so I bought them as per usual, grabbing a box of each flavour. Next time I went to Carrefour, they didn’t have ANY… figured maybe they ran out of stock, or the best before date expired on what they had… but here we are a few months down the line, and what little was left in ElCorteIngles ran out, I managed to get one last box… and haven’t seen one since… I’ve checked nearly every supermarket chain here, and most only stock the Kellogs brand bars with milk/chocolate on them (that chocolate/milk whatever makes me want to vomit!)… no plain granola bars/wafers anymore 🙁