Matutano Frito Lay Cheetos Bits

Imagine my surprise when they launched this product, small bags of mini chips/munchies. Matutano are the subsidiaries of Frito-Lay part of Pepsico etc who make Doritos and Cheetos etc. They launched the “BITS” line with several different flavours, most of which were ok. I prefered two of the five I encountered at the beginning. the barbecue “twisties” and the “cheetos crunchits” I think they called it. While there are several types of Cheetos on the market here, I didn’t care much for the flavour of any of them. Add that I don’t really want to eat a large bag of them either… this product was great, it satisfied my craving, yet didn’t force me to finish a huge bag (not that the chip bags are bigger than what I was used to in Canada at all) but in this case, just the right portion. There’s a product page here: note that only the BBQ ones seem to have survived. Shame… another product I take a liking to, and they pull it from the market.