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Interview with Jake Evans
Well this is the transcript of the mini interview I did with Jake today via email... it answers a few questions as to what went on over the years, and how things came to an end. The interview was done at 5am his time... I'm 9h ahead over here in Spain... I think it's a great tribute to the band to have a site out there after all this time... the fact that new fans are getting into Entrafis over 10 years after the band split up says a lot. Entrafis was something special, They should be damn proud. (damn that sounds cheesy, and I'm making it part of the Q&A) anyways Enjoy!

Hey dude, it's been a long time, firstly thanks for taking time to answer some questions.

I am sooo stoked to be doin this. Makes me feel I was onto somethin back then
A bit of history, as far as I know there are only three Entrafis demos: the S/T granville st. recording, "Into Out", and "Kerfuffle in the Coop" can you tell us a little about each?

The 1st one was done quickly just to secure a gig opening for Dyoxin and Razor , one of my fave cdn bands. all live except for my horrible vocals eeek haha #2 Kerfuffle in the Koop I thought was awesome but the production wasnt that great and we were ripped off some money that we had to put it out. I only have one dubbed cassette left of that one. 4 songs all tech, and was never released. my voice was developing slightly. this was done shortly after our second guitarist (Jason St george) commited suicide #3 Into Out was our 1st 'real' recording. still not the greatest production but was clear enough to hear what we were about. I regretted not recording more songs for that one and finally didnt feel too bad about my vocals.
Regarding "Kerfuffle in the Coop" I heard a story that you had recorded the demo, and that your manager took the master tapes and the money to reproduce it and ran off with it... is that what happened?

yes, it sucked. that demo rox....but will resurface again hhhoooooooohahahahahhaah
How is it that Entrafis managed to stay unsigned, surely some labels were showing interest?

There were a few label heads that came to see us at some shows but honestly wanted to change us. I told one dude from the states to go fuck himself quote ahaaaha. I wanted to get even more fukked up. I think that started to scare the other members a bit too. I wrote about 80% of all the material and had a definate vision for the band....completely un accessable music. the whole Sloan thing too and that time killed us as well.
There were a lot of changes in the band over the years, a rollercoaster ride I'm sure. What are your fondest memories?

hmmm, opening for Entombed was awesome. they were all watching us on the side of the stage with their mouths open. I'll never forget it. they soooo weren't expecting that. I found out I was half swedish the day after. haha. There was another show at the double duece where a bunch of navy dudes destroyed the place during our set and there was glass all over hollis street in front of the bar. We had some good times just hangin out but we were young (around 20) and there was alot of personal struggle.
Speaking of changes, the band underwent some difficult times such as the passing of Jason St.George, it looked a bit like the end for a while, but you came back as a three piece, and later the addition of Mark Taylor, and Scott Armstrong was replaced by Sheg Itome... This part of the history is a bit fuzzy for me, what happened from here?

you got it right on. but as I wanted to go further into tech and honestly was the main visionary behind the band's sound/writing/lyrical approach,,,Mark wanted more of an identity in the band. I understand that but he actually became violent about it. Sean and I spoke about trying to find away to relieve him of his duties but somehow ended up with me leaving. I thought sean and sheg would follow but very strangely they stayed with Mark...and they kept my name then added darcy lapointe on axe and vox!!!! I was livid and more so , heart broken. A 4 yr project taken away from me. That would have been fine if they called it something else. I still talk to Mark and consider him a bud but at that time he was nuts. Sheg was always cool and just wanted to play. I might have had a little ego back then but honestly, ask anyone in the scene and they could tell you, everyone's put together wasn't half the size of Sean's. He could back it up but holy shit was it annoying. And Jaww licks, let's be honest.
I read somewhere that you left the band, and afterwards they continued without you... and worked on more mainstream sounding material. Was this direction part of the reason you left?

see above. but yes all of a sudden they wanted to sound like Napalm death and be more commercial death metal..this is a quote from sean. it blew my mind we had a following due to our oddness for the time I'm sure.
Any plans to make any other material you guys have available? Such as a combined CD with all the demos, and perhaps some other unreleased recordings a bit like the Atheist reissues?

if possible yes, there were so many new tunes ready to be recorded all like into out but way more so
I saw some posts in a Maritime Metal Forum about some possible reunion gigs in mid 2006... was this truly a possibility and with which lineup?

I would never work with Sean again thats for sure. I spoke with original bass player Scott and we were gonna hook it up, I was to program the drums andwrite 2/3 new songs with him and maybe shop for a drummer. but we know impossible that is in halifax. I ended up reforming Adrenalin and working on that reunion show before I came out west.
Any other projects you have we might be interested in?

I honestly will eventually do a solo project when I get some decent software. I have lots of riffs and ideas still kickin around. I was thinking about calling it INTO OUT but I shouldbe able to use Entrafis if I want. Might look for somecats out here to jam with...since there is alittle metal scene in the Okanagan. I'm not finished yet hahaha, I was just on pause.
Anything else you'd like to add?

tonnes, but me be sleepy. I'll send more soon bro
Thanks again for your time, hopefully this info will satisfy the curiosity of new fans as well as the old. Best of luck in the future.

I can't thank you enough. In Halifax, maybe a couple times a year, someone would recognize me from that band say some nice things. It really felt great. Like I said before, I never wanted to stop

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