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HD Wallpapers So after a long period without any updates here's some new HD (1920x1080) wallpapers I created with the retraced logo.
Kerfuffle In The Koop (1992) This is the rare unreleased 1992 demo that Jake & I spoke about in the interview. The quality is not hot, I suspect it was not the final product, which is why it was never released. This is probably a dubbed tape version, but it's enough to get an idea fo the tracks, and shows the porgression between the Granville St. recording and Into Out. Here are the links to download the tracks: Credits are:
Jake Evans - Guitar/Voices
Sean Verabioff - Drums
rest to be confirmed...
INTO OUT 1994 Demo Here as promised is my recording of the Into Out demo. Again, the quality probably isn't great, but I had to dub it from a very worn copy with an old walkman... anyways here the links to download the tracks: Credits are:
Jake Evans - Guitar(right)*/Voices
Mark Taylor - Guitar(Left)*
Sheg Itome - Bass
Sean Verabioff - Drums
* On the sleeve it says the reverse, but on the lyric sheet enclosed this is corrected.

Produced by Entrafis, Engineered by Steve Hayes, Co-production on guitar and vocal tracks by Steve Hayes
All music by Entrafis except "Electric Saddletoy" by Evans/Armstrong/Verabioff
All Lyrics By Evans, Cover Art by Evans
Logo Wallpaper Here's a wallpaper I created by retracing the logo in green with a black border it's an alpha transparent PNG, so you can set your background color to whatever color you like... I recommend dark grey like this site! (the logo is 909x497 pixels, so recommended for 1024x768 or greater...)
Self Titled 1991 Demo I've finished dubbing the demo to PC, the quality isn't great, but it was recorded with a couple mics in the rehearsal space to begin with, plus the age of the tape, and the fact that it's been played about a million times... anyways here are some links to download the tracks:
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