Atheist Pics @ Bloodstock Open Air

You can check out some of the the pics I took of Atheist at Bloodstock Open Air on the Sex to 9 Gallery here. A big thanks to the guys from Atheist and the people at Bloodstock… it was fun, lets do it again sometime!

What’s new!

Well as most of you know I’ve been busy working on stuff for Diva Satanica Hopefully it’s finally getting to a point where it’s a little more rounded and there’s enough content so that it’s not just an empty site.

The Latest Site Projects

I haven’t posted here in a while, been busy with a bunch of sites. The main project has been the new website for the Spanish radio show that Maria ( will be doing called Diva Satanica, the new site is online now, but still prone to some changes and more content will be added slowly […]

Bergara concert photos online…

Well I just got back from a few concerts in Bergara Spain, with Opeth & Arch Enemy playing on Thursday 8th December, and Friday 9th December. A selection of the photos I took are online on the sexto9 website here: Enjoy!

What is this all about then?

In the beginning, I decided to spend a little time doing some webdesign stuff, and needed a place to throw up my test designs and what not. So I came up with “The Metal Network”, a place for co-hosting, webdesign and more. Since it is obvious by that name that I like metal music, I […]

Some project news!

Well, it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy elsewhere, I really should finish up the theme on this site, but I’ve been busy working on some new sites! Mainly: all for the same client, Kelly Shaefer, former Atheist vocals/guitar & Neurotica frontman. So far I’ve only had time to overhaul the […]

New Sexto9 Website Online!

I’ve finally gotten around to putting the new Sexto9 design online, bear with me while I weed out some leftover code from the old page. However almost everything should work as it did before… The New design also goes along with the new forum design, rounding up a nice overall package.