Netspeed and more…

Been a while, so here’s a random speedtest: While I’m not overly impressed with this, I have recently changed mobile providers from Orange to Vodafone, and in the change finally gotten my hands on an Android phone, a Motorola Defy. I’m totally loving the phone, and wishing I had gotten an Android phone sooner! Orange […]

Kindle and Amazon greed

So we recently bought a Kindle (generation3) from Amazon. I was kind of disappointed that I was forced to use, as I usually buy most stuff from, but I got over that pretty quick, especially when the overall price with priority shipping is a wee bit under the UK site converted to Euros. […]

New logo by Micah Johnson

SAKWiki Logo!

Some time ago an old friend of mine asked for some help on a few of his sites in need of updating. One thing he noticed was that the old logo for his website looked a lot like a Danish flag… So I worked out the following as a new more modern logo: It’s […] logo by Micah Johnson

EDCSource Logo

As part of a project to setup an auction website for estranged auction website users (the big one… we all know their name, but I’m not going to publicize them on here!) from the UK and abroad, a client of mine pushed this project into action for the knife and tool and outdoor community. So […] Forum – Revamped!

This past week I’ve been continuing my revamp over at This time, the forum got the overhaul. A major software upgrade, and some theme tweaking to make it fall in line with the new website, as well as a degree of familiarity from the old style and colours. Firefox Personas!

I’ve created a couple Firefox Personas for First I did a Dark one: Then I tried a lite version:

Internet Speed update?

Seems they’ve worked on the lines a bit… after a total disconnect where I powered off the router for a bit, reconnecting to this seems to mean they actually improved the connection for once instead of it slowing down…

meh… Orange half speed…

As to be expected, our connection gradually has been getting worse… looking at the speedtest from over a year ago we had 8m down, 800k up… and now this: This is of course after a couple days of a very “moody” connection, and bad lag everywhere.