Orange fails yet again…

It makes me laugh to think that this is what they consider maximum speed ADSL2+ To be fair, that server was 3x further than the local one… still results are crap, and the upstream is unstable.

Matutano Frito Lay Cheetos Bits

Imagine my surprise when they launched this product, small bags of mini chips/munchies. Matutano are the subsidiaries of Frito-Lay part of Pepsico etc who make Doritos and Cheetos etc. They launched the “BITS” line with several different flavours, most of which were ok. I prefered two of the five I encountered at the beginning. the […]

Nature Valley Cereal Bars (Barritas De Cereal)

Well, this one also threw me a bit, for quite a few months I’ve been enjoying all the different varieties of these granola bars that are made by General Mills here in Spain (and all over the world apparently). They even have a website for the Spanish version of the product! I used to […]

Mountain Dew!

When we first moved to Spain there wasn’t a whole lot of products that made me feel a bit closer to home despite being on the other side of the atlantic ocean. So once we finished cleaning and painting the new flat, we discovered that one of the local grocery stores had Mountain Dew. They […]

Just checking the speeds…

Well it’s been a while, and I thought I’d give another speedtest to see how our “Maximum Velocidad” ADSL is doing… And just to be fair, tests from a few different servers… What a crock… I’m really disappointed in that last result as that’s where our streamer is located and we’re having some intermittent issues […]

New Picasa 3.5!

Neat! Google have released the new version of Picasa 3.5 with built in Facial recognition. It appears it’s only for Windows/Mac users as they claim there’s a poor response from Linux users… Perhaps due to the fact that there is no native Linux version? There is a v3 which is nothing more than the windows […]

Our ADSL has been downgraded yet again…

Noticed a few resets lately and thought I’d check out our connection, turns out they cut our downstream quite a bit… That’s what we get for being good customers and not telling them to piss off after all the issues we’ve had in the past… Maximum Speed my ass…