The “Bike Lane” in Pamplona…

Well since I bought myself a bike this summer (first since I left Victoria BC in 2000?) I’ve been trying to get out and ride around town a bit. The biggest downside I’ve discovered is that we live on the elevated part of the valley, and no matter which direction I go in I end […]

UT on Ubuntu 9.04

Well since I couldn’t get UT2003 to work, I opted for the original UT… used the lokigames installer and it went smooth as glass… and it runs frighteningly fast on my Quad Q9300 with Geforce 9600GT and 3gb ram… too fast even… even at 1680×1050 on my 22inch monitor… 360+ FPS… lmao

UT2003 on Ubuntu 9.04

Decided I needed a decent FPS on my machine, and since I had a copy of UT2003 laying around, thought I’d try to install it in Ubuntu. This is the process that seemed to work for me: Insert disk3, copy “” to my home dir, open a terminal in the home dir, and run: sudo […]

It never ends…

Well I’ve been rather busy… too busy to really sit down and write anything here! Lets see, there’s been a steady stream of my regular updates to do for clients. I worked on a massive overhaul of the website helping them with a webshop to serve customers directly. I also took up maintaining/updating […]

Switched to Linux from Windows

One thing I forgot to mention is that about 6 months ago I made the leap to Linux from Windows XP… in particular Ubuntu Hardy Heron. It’s been an interesting few months, and while I’ve made an effort to try and find suitable replacements for all my windows apps, I still have a few that […]

Drupal update

Please bare with me as I upgrade the site engine… no content should be lost, but functionality may be reduced for a while! UPDATE: All should be updated… I don’t think anything actually broke (except for the Roopletheme theme) so this look will stick for a while as I’m working on a total revamp of […]

Entrafis site update!

Well today I finally got some more MP3’s online the Entrafis site… so you can head over and check them out there… still got to setup a proper site for it, but in the meantime it’s available as a subsection of this site:

The speed saga continues…

Well the whole upstream problem started on the 25th April… here we are on the 21st of May, and no further forward. Speeds seem to go up and down depending on the time of day (both up and down). The technician came, did his tests, checked everything and left, saying it’s a problem at the […]